Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blank Artists Presents: The Schematic Records Summer Tour

Romulo Del Castillo (1/2 of Phoenecia / Soul Oddity) - Live
Originally releasing music as Soul Oddity, producers Romulo Del Castillo and Joshua Kay formed Phoenecia in 1997, when their sound took a more minimalist turn, focusing on complex percussive figures and fractured rhythms. Preceded by a pair of releases as Jeswa (Kay) and Metic (Del Castillo) for the Miami-based Schematic imprint, Phoenecia's first track appeared on Detroit label Interdimensional Transmissions' From Beyond compilation series; "Roba" recalled their Soul Oddity work while stripping out the melody and a good deal of clutter, leaving only the buckingest of robotic beatbox fragments and a squirting, jittering bassline. The Randa Roomet EP, their debut proper, appeared through Warp shortly after, and featured four tracks in a more expanded, vaguely dancefloor-ready style. A handful of remix and compilation tracks later appeared through Chocolate Industries, Nature, Alien8 and Schematic. Come welcome Romulo as he makes a solo appearance for our personal pleasure. "Like Latin Rascals meets Cabaret Voltaire."- Billy Graham

Joe Lentini - Live

Joe Lentini is an up-and-comer who just released a couple of EP's on the Schematic label - 512 Max Health and Pink Pussy Popsicle. "Really good, funky, clubby electronic stuff with some attitude! "His track Hanky Tank, from the Pink Pussy Popsicle EP makes me think of an evil Devo groove, something that makes you wanna boogie but also leaves you feeling a little spooked, taking an occasional look over your shoulder. And his track entitled 347 from 512 Max Health, gets a bit glitchier on this one while he weirds-out some vocal samples" - The Unheard Music.

Ay of Ken Rei - Live

As part of the group Ken Rei, Ay helps to craft electronic live style components. Original beats intersected by danceable and romantic vibrations, Ay rocks noise and manipulates his music on the fly. Expect to hear anything from ambient drone chill style to booty shaking dance party madness.

Local Support By:

BMG of Ectomorph - Interdimensional Transmissions - Ableton Live
Drew Pompa - Blank Artists - DJ

Friday | July 16th 2010
The Old Miami
3930 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201-1722
Map It
$7 Before 11pm, $10 After
Doors @ 9pm | 21+

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jared Wilson – Bonus!!!! – 7777-003

From: Igloo Magazine
By: Robbie Geoghegan

(May 2010) I think I've mentioned before the excitement that comes with receiving a record with Detroit Michigan written under "return to sender." Detroit is the holy grail of techno, but perhaps some of the original message has been diluted. Today Detroit has become a brand. The city that sparked and fuelled the motor revolution has been bandied about, watering down the analogue rawness that made Detroit techno what it is. But, there undoubtedly still is something in the dystopian husk that is the modern Motor City. Jared Wilson is a new breed for Detroit techno artists injecting a new zeal into the aging sound of a crumbling city. Wilson takes the schematics of Detroit and twists them, pouring more acid on top of the blueprints. Wilson has been self-releasing his music since 2007, now in 2010 his 7777 label sees his third 12" entitled Bonus!!!

Wilson raises 303 squalor to levels rarely heard on contemporary records. His sound is more Mike Dred and the edgier side of Ceephax with some hints of J.T.C.. He reflects the grit of Detroit, with an aggressive style without toeing the industrial lines of Ultradyne. The two tracker starts out in acid assault mode with the ominously titled "Paris Massacre." The track is unapologetically brash, phat raw 303 lines flex and squelch in a bravado display. Think dripping dark walls as tweaks and bass push through bodies. "Drug Related Stories (Scmocid Edit)" builds along parallel lines. It is the acid box that breathes life into this version of Wilson's track from his first EP. The 303 is relentless in this edit, bulging and straining under the twists of Wilson's wrists. Drum crashes barely make a dent in the squalid wall of synth, as the chords fall in and out of themselves whilst snares crash and break.

Wilson is of a new Detroit lilt. He has not been eclipsed by the gravitas that comes with the Motor City, instead he uses it as a bedrock from which to bring forth his own take on techno. Wilson, armed with his analogue arsenal, forces a new rawness; an unashamed baring of teeth to those who think that Detroit has had its day.

Bonus!!! is out now on 7777.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Birthday of Epic Proportions

“One of Them Had A Tape Deck” brings together for the first time, a collaboration between Drew Pompa and Amy Kaherl for the celebration of their birthday. Please join us as we toast to another year in the greatest of audio and convivial debauchery.

Deastro (Ghostly International) - Live
Lord Scrummage (Scrummage University) - Live
Erika (Interdimensional Transmissions, - DJ
Drew Pompa (Blank Artists) - DJ
Amy Kaherl (Poof Dreams) - DJ

Friday | June 18th, 2010
Park Bar
2040 Park Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
21+ | 5 Before Midnight, $7 After

Friday, June 4, 2010

Drew Pompa - A Muddy Bourgeois Derby Dance

It was the middle of the afternoon in May, air was thick with plumes of Detroit smoke. An ominous vibe peered upon the horizon, eventually enveloping your entire senses. Ah yes, a freak show if you will, plotted in anticipation every spring. A savage treatment of the equestrian breed bestowed upon by even the most inferior kind of little men and their barbaric slave masters. The vicious prancing of all the affirming Kentucky bourgeoisie clad with holy regalia, in spite of such abominable and imminent weather.

You betcha', it was derby day and they were down for a dance. All of a sudden, wide brims and pink maniacs begin chanting "Fail We May, Sail We Must" and the race is on! It bends and warps as it torpedoes for a slick minute; then eases and snaps a crank like an elastic rubber band, until your face becomes brainwashed.

the inconceivable and visual scarcity of this imagery; the climactic and colossal finish of historic proportions, which cultivated the most unusual of celebrations. Their swagger in those alligator boots, aloof the muddy courts of their abiding animals. THE ASSHOLES HAVE WON DAMMIT!.... THE ASSHOLES HAVE WON! But don't go betting your ass on the bourgeoisie when "Old King Appaloosa of Horsidia" comes creepin' on back. Oh yeah, the king will have his day!

Actually, who cares..... that dude's long gone. Let's go play some records!

Mixed By: Drew Pompa
Length: 1:39:08
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320 KBPS
Link: Download

1.Radical Majik – Spread the Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
2.Tim Fairplay – Know U Jack (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
3.Grackle – Desert Acid (Musiccargo Remix)
4.Casco – Stop
5.Les Aeroplanes – Il’s Disent Que L’Orient Est Rouge
6.Cage & Aviary – Television Train
7.Karma – Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)
8.They Came From the Stars I Saw Them – Moon Song (King of the Town With Moonbeans in His Crown Mix)
9.Peter Kruder – Before Night Falls
10.Gay Marvine – Certain Things (Secret Mixes Fixes 11 b)
11.Atmosfear – What Do We Do (Club Mix)
12.The Emporer Machine – Repetition
13.Chicken Lips – Do It Proper
14.Shriekback – My Spine Is the Base Line
15.The Emperor Machine - Rimramramrim
16.B Beat Girls – For the Same Man
17.Visual – The Music Got Me (Instrumental)
18.Touch – Love Fixation (Dub)
19.Tevo Howard – Laboratory
20.Redshape – Unfinished Symmetry Part 1 & 2
21.Black Devil Disco Club – In Sorrow (Brain Machine’s Lucifer Rising Dub)
22.Colder – Silicone Sexy
23.Andrew Weatherall – Fail We May, Sail We Must
24.Lukas Nystrand & The Ageema Bu – Knivar
25.Pink Skull – Chicken Dream Inside Egg
26.Sal P & BMG – Credit Cards
27.Felix with Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano – Tiger Stripes
28.Random Factor – Digitize (The Emperor Machine Vocal)
29.Stereolab – Dear Marge