Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blank Artists Videocast for Flight 427

Online video chat by Ustream
323East art boutique in Royal Oak hosts their Flight 427 videocast, every Saturday afternoon from 4pm to 7pm, where the gallery opens its floor to local dj performances. This week's guests include Blank Artists co-directors' Josh Dahlberg and Drew Pompa. Check out the 323East Ustream page to access more music and videocasts. Previous guests include Michna, Ava, and DJ Sicari. For more info, visit www.323east.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

Israel Vines Mix

It's been a while since we've satisfied our craving for an Israel Vines mix and this latest installment is full of gems that more than fills our insatiable hunger. Entitled, "Borrowed Language 2.0 - Dem Now Arrest", Israel offers deep and menacing techno perspective, all within the consistent precision for which he's known for.

A recent L.A. transplant by way of Detroit, Israel started buying at FBC in East Lansing. Upon his graduation, Israel moved to Chicago and picked up a job at Gramaphone, considered on of the country's premiere dance record shops. Having a music hobby that spans for more than 15 years, it's no wonder that Israel's record collection is way better than yours. Download his latest mix.

Borrowed Language 2.0 Dem Now Arrest - Download Mix

Jack Dangers / AL / Flexidisc, 2001
Monolake / Plumbicon Live in Osaka / Computer Imbalance, 2005
Monolake / Force / Computer Imbalance, 2004
James Ruskin / Surfaced / Tresor, 2008
Makaton / Tosa / Rodz-Konez, 2006
Surgeon / Bad Hands Break / Dynamic Tension, 2007
The Black Dog / Floods V3.2 (Surgeon Remix) / Soma, 2007
Vex'd / 3rd Choice / Planet-Mu, 2008
Meat Beat Manifesto / Less / Planet Mu, 2008
Shackelton / Shortwave / Skull Disco, 2008
Jeff Mills / Key / Axis, 2000
Jeff Mills / Six Malfunctions / Axis. 1999
Chris and Cosey / Cowboys in Cuba / Rough Trade, 1982

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Blank Artists Hoodies

Our friends down the way have a new floormate and as you can see, she loves her new Blank Artists Hoodie. The artwork was designed by the lovely and inspring boutqiue brand Cyberoptix to reflect a current obsession with antiquity and colonialization.

This unisex long-sleeve pullover v-neck hoodie is made with a unique blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon. Rib cuffs; exposed cover stitching at armholes; rounded, flexible bottom hem.

- Relaxed fit
- Low-impact yarn dyed
- No Shrinkage

Sizes: S - XL
Price: 35.00 USD

Drew Pompa @ LSG Podcast

Lime Green Shirt presents The Shirtcast, a monthly podcast dedicated to playing a diverse array of electronic music from around the country. Based in both Grand Rapids and Brooklyn, LGS has been consistently supplying the jams for nearly three years. For their latest effort, they offers up a mix from Blank Artists degenerate, Drew Pompa. What can we say?.... they simply love the Pompa (Norwegian for "The Pump") and if there's one thing that LGS has an affinity for, it's a slovenly, foul-mouthed degenerate. Get acquainted with their music, events, and nonsense, and don't forget to listen to Shirtcast #77. Word is Bond!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More D.E.M.F. News

More news has been released from the paxa-crew, regarding this year's D.E.M.F. lineup. The newest additions include a very exciting performance from Henrik Schwarz, Ame and Dixon, as Innvervisions - Live, as well as a strong local Detroit contingent including Kevin Reynolds, Craig Gonzalez, and Octave One. View the updated roster at www.paxahau.com.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Osborne Remix For Blank Artists

If Stephen Hawking could inseminate a Japanese female android aboard the Millennium Falcon, they're child would most likely resemble Osborne, a undeniable human prodigy of the universe. This mastermind is behind so many projects that even the all-knowing Nueromancer can't keep pace without perpetual memory overload failure. That's right bitches... no one steal's Osbornes RAM and gets away with it.

Since his beginnings in the music biz, Osborne has amassed a catalog equal to that of electronic music's most elite. He's released countless dancefloor classics for Ann-Arbor based Spectral Sound, ran one of the most successful ragga/jungle labels of the past decade, and has received numerous accolades for last year's self-titled album, Osborne. Perhaps this is why Blank Artists is proud to announce that Osborne is offering up a remix on BLNK-15 for Detroit's favorite beard, Jared Wilson. More info here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

RA Interviews Luke Hess

Detroit electronic music producer Luke Hess, sits down with Resident Advisor to talk about music and his beloved city of Detroit. Hess, who is also one-half of the group Reference from Beretta Music, has been emerging as one of Detroit's new purveyors of dub techno. Aided heavily by the influences of Robert Hood and Basic Channel, his records are emblematic of the city's post-industrial artistic environment- a city full of musicians who view their surroundings as a canvas for the exploration of new ideas. A lifelong Detroiter, Hess seems wedded to the city more than ever and his music exemplifies those attitudes, where his catalog of tracks meld fittingly against the melancholic backdrop of the Motor City's physical landscape.

Over the past two years, Hess has garnered international attention with releases on labels such as FXHE and Kontra-Musik. Last week marked his official release on Modelisme Records entitled "Dub For Love", which serves as an example of electronic music's most emotive qualities. View and listen to Dub For Love. Read Luke's interview with Resident Advisor.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Foundations Documentary Trailer

From: Groove Effect

Foundations is an upcoming documentary about the art, graffiti, music, and club scene in 1980s New York. Post-disco era NYC was a lot different than it is today...for example, Times Square wasn't a giant shopping mall, it was the center of Hell's Kitchen and full of seedy porn theaters. Despite all this - or perhaps because of it - the NYC of the 80s would go on to define America's pop culture landscape like no other city had before. Hip hop, new wave, punk, garage music, graffiti culture, and modern club culture all have deep roots in NYC. Many of these movements have gone global, so in some sense the NYC of the 80s quite literally changed the world. Be on the look our for its release date.

Friday, March 20, 2009

IT Presents: The Pawn Shop Years

Interdimensional Transmissions is curating a retrospective exhibition showcasing the album jackets and vinyl encompassing 14 years of record releases from the Detroit underground cult label. The evening will include a very special performance by legendary Liquid Liquid band member Sal Principato, a man who is arguably one of dance rocks' earliest inspirations. the event will occur this Saturday at the Bankle Building in Detroit and is hosted by, Detroit By Design. More info can be retrieved at here. Read the Liquid Liquid Metro Times Article from 2003 before their performance at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Underground Resistance @ Current TV

From: Current Tv

Underground Resistance is Techno's original highly efficient, aggressive, and very strategic minded unit with an extreme approach to image and marketing, whose mobile and fiercely competitive company is not dependent on trends, gimmicks, or fads as other forms of music and their related industries are today. They have amassed one of techno's most cherished catalogs and have developed a sound both distinctive and eclectic, all within the span of nearly 20 years. The UR sound can be defined by a mix of Motown and Chicago soul but also a combination of ruthless lo-fi techno, acid, and electro. View their catalog on discogs and check out their cover story for Wire Magazine.

The Death of Small Venues

From: Bmore-electro

Like most people you probably don’t pay much attention to what comes across the table at the Baltimore City Council hearings. Well, if you are a fan of music and dancing, then you should probably pay attention. The City Council recently held a formal hearing to determine whether or not the city should change the entertainment zoning laws in the city.

This “Live Entertainment - Licensing and Regulation” bill #08-0163, is looking to move away from entertainment zoning and make venues procure a license that allows them to operate within the city. What’s so wrong with that you ask? For one this new bill would allow disgruntled neighbors to file a formal complaint that could in turn shut the venue down. Not to mention the unspecified fees associated with filing for the license. Great recession tactics Mrs. Rawlins-Blake. Hey why don’t we charge venues more money and give pissed off neighbors the ability to shut down a venue that they don’t agree with. So when these establishments shutdown the tax base is shrinking and the money pours out to clubs outside the city that support non-mainstream music. This is almost as belligerent as ASCAP, but that’s another beast all together. Michael Byrne of the Baltimore City Paper explains in greater detail.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

D.E.M.F. Lineup Announcement

D.E.M.F. festival organizers, Paxahau, has officially announced the first thirty five performers for this year's Detroit Electronic Music Festival, which occurs every Memorial Day weekend. The event takes place in downtown Detroit's Hart Plaza May 23-25 and tickets are available online through the Paxahau website. Some of the highlights in this year's program include electro-funk legend Afrika Bambaataa and Germany's techno odd couple, Wighnomy Brothers. View the list of performers Here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Colin Zyskowski - Yesteryou

People Mover Productions is proud to bring you its next release, Yesteryou. This release features two new tracks by Colin Zyskowski, as well as remixes of the title track by HEJ Records producers Punisher and John Overfiend. "Yesteryou" is a deeply woven track that is one part techno, one part house, and one part dub. The second track, "To Things That Will Never Happen..." is Zyskowski's first ambient release in a few years. The Punisher remix is a another deeply groovy track; it plays with the main synth line in syncopated rhythms and adds up-front percussion to the mix. The John Overfiend remix extends the original and drags its darkest parts heavily across the dancefloor. Pick up the release now at Beatport.

Peril Elle - Damage

Check out the new music video from artist Peril Elle. The track is called "Damages" and it has been entered in the WAMM video contest 2009. Peril Elle is quickly emerging as Canada's queen of moody music and her guest vocals can be found on the new E.Spleece E.P., entitled Keyboards & Kickflips. Think Bjork and Portishead's new school protege. Hotness!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Detroit Music Awards

The Motor City Music Foundation is a Michigan 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation, whose mission is to recognize Detroit area musicians working on a national, regional and local level. Its purpose is also to support and nurture the musical community in the Detroit metropolitan area, and to create a network for musicians that cuts across genres and styles. Every year, the foundation hosts the Detroit Music Awards. The winners are determined by local musicians and music industry professionals in southeast Michigan, and presented in ten music genres. The DMA is the only local music awards in the nation to be presented by a not-for -profit organization. Voting is accomplished entirely via the internet.

This year, Blank Artists is proud to announce their nomination for the Detroit Music Awards. Three releases have been nominated including Jared Wilson - Office Analogue and Josh Dahlberg - Am Brain. Visit the Detroit Music Awards website to register and cast your nomination.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Bender

Blue Note | 70th Anniversary Tour
Max M. Fisher Music Center
3711 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48210
More Info

The Chap | U.S. Tour
Trowbridge House of Coffee
10241 Jos. Campau
Hamtramck, MI 48212

Auxetic | 3-Year Anniversary
The Old Miami
3930 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI 48210

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Braille Radio

Braille Radio has been in rotation at CJAM for over six years and is slowly climbing the ranks as the station's best music variety programs. From jazz and new wave to electronic and indie-rock, Braille's attention to detail and openness to format offers a fresh perspective to the contrived formulas of modern radio programming. Download and listen to this week's segment and be sure to tune-in every Wednesday at 1pm to hear more quality music.

Warning: This week's segment contains some heat. so listeners must handle with care

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drew Pompa Mix

Blank Artists co-director Drew Pompa, offers up this dj mix absurdly entitled "Beware Of The Red Muchacho". A re-incarnation of his performance at the Blank Artists 4-year annivesary, this mix is full of genre-hopping goodness that conveys a sense of eclecticism you can expect to hear more often from Pompa and it serves as a bridge to both the danceable and listening environments. Enjoy!

Beware Of The Red Muchacho - Listen/Download

Arovane - Tides
Burnt Friedman - Western Smoke ft. Enik
Tim Blake - Lighthouse
Seefeel - More Like Space
Radiohead - In Limbo
Arovane - Nacrath
As One - Farewell
Dan Curtin - Low
Luke Vibert - Voyage Into The Unknown
DMX Krew - Black Music
E.Spleece ft. Peril Elle - Waiting For Something to Happen
Fela Kuti & Kwanzaa Posse - Wicked Funk (Right Tempo Live Mix)
Jamie Lloyd - Bidi Bidi Bom Bwah (Betaville Orchestra Remix)
Juno 6 - Sampled Soul
Dark Party - Active
Boards Of Canada - Dawn Chorus

Monday, March 9, 2009

Movement Webcast

On March 10th to keep fans, media, sponsors and electronic music junkies around the world apprised of all MOVEMENT 09 schedules, artist info, and event happenings, Paxahau will feature the first edition of their new programming leading up to the festival. The March 10th show airs from 7pm-9pm and will feature John Johr & Lee Curtiss. Paxahau will continue the movement cast at its regularly scheduled air-time, every Tuesday evening, leading up the the Festival in May.

Visit www.paxahau.com, click on the "tune in" link in the upper right corner of the page to launch the radio player.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Totally Bill Hicks

From: Best Documentaries

The tragic death of the outspoken comedian Bill Hicks, at just 32, cut short the career of a man who had proven himself as having one of the most distinctive voices in comedy. Uncompromising and outrageous Hicks was a sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll comedian. Passionate about his work, his comedy was built on conviction, setting him apart from all other stand-up comedians. As we breach the 15-year anniversary of his passing, Blank Artists would like to help commemorate the legacy of Hicks by offering our fans and listeners this candid documentary, including interviews with Eddie Izzard, Sean Hughes, Jay Leno, David Letterman, his fans as well as friends and family. Enjoy!

More Doom and Gloom?

"Bare in Mind.... We All Fall Behind.... From Time To Time", is a popular quote from dance rockers, LCD Soundsystem and although these lyrics are uttered carefree, they conjure the sense of profound clairvoyance from the perspective a Detroiter. It has become painfully obvious that the city of Detroit is risking a catastrophic economic collapse if the automobile industry fails- a scenario long predicted by economists, sociologists, and urban planners. However, our role on the center stage of the current economic crisis has catapulted us to a level of exposure equal to the first great depression and that has become all the rage of news media outlets. There was the Mitch Albom's SI story, followed by the recent Rolling Stone's article. Now Richard Florida who is an economist, urban theorist, and author of the global best-seller The Rise of the Creative Class, chimes in with his predictions. Although Florida's outlook is considered bleak, his position as a creative thinker could certainly offer an unique perspective in regards to the continued re-development of Detroit. Read his recent article for the Atlantic Monthly.