Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blonde Mix No.1 - Curated By: Drew Pompa

From: The Blonde Collective

With the encroaching fall season upon us, we thought it was time that we updated the Soundtrack section of our website. A nice mix, we thought, would be something that the people would like. Something that they can stream at home when working or burn to CD and keep in their car for those long drives to see friends or wind down from evening events. We also wanted to make sure to keep the “local flavor” side of Blonde as part of it. So, we decided to call resident [url=http://blankartists.com/]Blank Artists[/url] and Detroit DJ Drew Pompa up and charged him with the task of curating a mix for us. What he brought back, was fantastic.

An all-over, eclectic mix of down-tempo, hip-hop and Latin sounds, Drew’s mix for Blonde No. 1 hits it right on the mark. Stream/Download the mix below or load it up in our Soundtrack player (click the soundtrack link above) and stream it while you peruse the net.


1. Chicago Underground Quartet – Tunnel Chrome
2. Stereolab – The Flower Called Nowhere
3. Super Collider – In the Beams
4. Architeq – Odyssey
5. About Flying – Satellite
6. The Gaslamp Killer – Anything Worse
7. Dorian Concept – Fourteen
8. Coyote Clean Up – Gloomy Booty
9. Madlib – Mystic Bounce
10. The Pharcyde – Runnin’
11. Black Sheep – Strobelight Honey
12. Onra – Don’t Stop
13. Mount Kimbie – 50 Mile View
14. Mocky – Golden Dream
15. Senor Coconut – Upper Mambo / Lower Funk Mezcla Sentimental
16. Dan Satch & His Atomic Dance Band – Woman Pin Down
17. Nickodemus & Quantic – Mi Swing Es Tropical
18. The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination – Amalinja
19. Super Collider – Alchemical Confession
20. Tobacco – Orgy Drills
21. Blackpocket – Boungie
22. Aardvarck – Convolution