Thursday, January 29, 2009

DEMF Design Contest

From: ohmdigital

It's January in Detroit and we're already abuzz with news from this year's electronic music festival. Event producers Paxahau Productions, in conjunction with 323 East, have announced a design contest for the up coming festival, which takes place every memorial day weekend. The contest seeks to attract artists, designers, and creative individuals from the metro Detroit area to be the theme designer for Detroit's Electronic Music Festival. The theme designer is responsible for the overall visual aesthetic of the event, including festival advertising, t-shirts, banners and the website. Visit for more info.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Front 40 Press

While perusing the libraries at Wayne State University, I came across the uniquely enticing imagery of Signs of the Apocalypse/Rapture, one of the ongoing hardcover collections of artwork from Chicago-based publisher, Front 40 Press. Each book offers an interactive tour sample. In addition to the artwork collection, Front 40 Press engages in music production and activist projects. Get acquainted with their website and check out the blog. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music

From: Plexifilm

HIGH TECH SOUL is the first documentary to tackle the deep roots of techno music alongside the cultural history of Detroit, its birthplace. From the race riots of 1967 to the underground party scene of the late 1980s, Detroit’s economic downturn didn’t stop the invention of a new kind of music that brought international attention to its producers and their hometown.

Featuring in-depth interviews with many of the world’s best exponents of the artform, High Tech Soul focuses on the creators of the genre — Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson — and looks at the relationships and personal struggles behind the music. Artists like Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Eddie Fowlkes and a host of others explain why techno, with its abrasive tones and resonating basslines, could not have come from anywhere but Detroit.

*Recommended Veiwing!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tour Detroiter's Top 5

Local dj extraordinaire, Joe Vargas, recently named his best of 2008 list. To much excitement, Mr. Vargas showed a little love to good ol' Blank Artists. Vargas and the Tour Detroit crew offered the city of Detroit some of the most memorable dance parties of the year and needless to say, if BA ever gets around to making a list, Joe will be representing to the fullest. Thanks buddy, we are more than honored. Read the entire list at the 323 East blog.

Top 5 Favorite DJ’s of 08′ (again, in no particular order)
1. Patrick Russel (mentalux)
2. Mike Servito(Ghostly/D*rkwave)
3. Craig Gonzalez (Detroit Bachelor DJ’s)
4. Mike Geiger (Organic)
5. Josh Dahlberg (Blank Artists)

Top 5 Artists/Producers
1. Tadd Mulinix (Ghostly Int.)
2. Todd Terje (Full Pupp)
3. Holy Ghost (DFA)
4. Metro Area (Environ)
5. Juan Maclean (DFA)

Top 5 Tracks played out
1. Every Square Inch- E. Spleece (Blank Artist)
2. Wait a minute- Osborne (Ghostly/Adult Swim)
3. Number one- Chaz Jankle (Tirk) (Rerelease)
4. Eurodance- Todd Terje (Full Pupp)
5. Blind- Hercules and Love Affair (Franky Knuckles Dub) (DFA)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buddha Machine 2.0

1/16/2009, 8:29 PM
From: Aural States
By: Alex Mudge

Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian are a husband and wife ambient music duo living in Beijing. Virant and Jian (their group goes by the name FM3) decided in 2005 to forgo the traditional means of releasing material–CDs, or mp3s to be played through computers and iPods. Instead, FM3 took their cue from small transistor radio-like, handheld devices that loop Buddhist chants favored by some devout Chinese. From that notion came the first Buddha Machine–a brightly colored plastic device that contained nine audio loops ranging from five to forty seconds. The small unit was fitted with its own speaker. The loops would play infinitely (or as long as battery life would dictate), or until the listener selected a new loop.

Since its 2005 release the Buddha Machine has taken on a life of its own branching far out from the the ambient music devotees. This thing has become big in the DIY circuit bending world. FM3 encourages listeners of the Buddha Machine to interact with the music, and the loops are available for download under a creative commons license.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Josh Cummings @ RCRD LBL

1/21/2009 2:07pm
From: Rcrd Lbl
By: Samuel Duke

The guys over at Detroit's Blank Artists--the techno imprint that's home to Josh Dahlberg and Codine--have a new multi-artist release out called Primates Love Fun, an installment in a comp series of theirs called Loves Fun. It's led by a side from newbie producer Josh Cummings called "Morning Birds," a really euphoric techno track with bubbly major keys and effects that sound like drowning beetles. The single is rounded out with contributions from Dahlberg and Codine, and is available for purchase over on their site.

Josh Cummings - Morning Birds
Josh Cummings' RCRD LBL Page

Free Download

Label: Pronounce
Catalog#: PRO-CD01
Format: CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition, Metal Box
Quality: 320kbps
Country: US
Released: 21 Mar 2008
Style: Techno, Dub Techno, Ambient
Credits: Compiled By - Ryan Pryor
Mastered By - Brian Kage

01. Decoside - Storm Slowly
02. Biodub - Polar Ice
03. Havantepe - Grey Days
04. Dubatech - All Those Yesterdays
05. Quantec - Particular Reversion
06. Lossless - Surface Exposure
07. Dominique Jacquinet - Absolute Expectation
08. Aku Aku - 7H AM People
09. Atheus - Basic Reaction
10. Grit - Homage

Speaking of KCRW...

Urb Magazine catches up with former editor, Jason Bently, to wax about his new roll as Music Director at KCRW. Check it out here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moar Local Music

Fellow Detroiters, Model D recently discussed WDET's new HD Channel, and the return of music back to the radio waves. While HD Radio is still somewhat exclusive, especially since you need a special receiver (yours truly still rocks a tape player in the ol' whip), it is accessible at WDET's Website

Programming varies but is curated mostly by locals, excluding essentials such as KCRW's Sounds Eclectic. Listen to WDET HD Here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

4-Year Anniversary Updated

The night will be filled with special performances by members of the camp including:

Jared Wilson - Feed The Machine, Blank Artists - Live

E. Spleece - Exchange Bureau Music, Blank Artists

Drew Pompa - Blank Artists

With live sets by Codine and Josh Dahlberg

as always, formal wear not require but encouraged.

10241 Joseph Campau
Hamtramck , MI
$5, 21+
map it here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Move D

If talent converted into record sales, Move D (David Moufang) would be a very rich man. His records with partner Jonas Grossmann as Deep Space Network and his own solo releases as Move D are among the furthest outreaches of techno's push towards the stars. Moufang grew up in Heidelberg, Germany listening to his parents' collection of early Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk records but the most overwhelming influence on his childhood was outer space, the result of a trip to the cinema with his father to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. Moufang explains it all in a recent article, published by Resident Advisor.

You can catch a very special dj performance from Move D this Firday in Hamtramck. The event is produced by Proper Modulation.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Noman Record Release Party

This Thursday, neighbors and up-and-coming Detroit rockers, Noman celebrate their new LP with a party at the Magic Stick. Entitled Broadcast, this triumphant album serves as the debut release for the Woodbridge Records imprint. Recorded at Electrical Audio by Steve Albini, the ten song LP is available on both vinyl and cd.

BLNK-13 - Primates Love Fun

We are proud to announce the release of "Primates Love Fun", the second installment of a sporadic but ongoing Loves Fun compilation series from Blank Artists. The series explores the idea of electronic music sans ego; in a fictional world where the only thing that matters is that you love fun. For this installment we bring back our two favorite Joshes; Cummings and Dahlberg as well as label mainstay Codine. Browse and buy from the widget above.

Josh Dahlberg Mix

Dowload Mix
Betty Lavette - You'll Never Change
Al Green - One Night Stand
George Benson - Midnight Love Affair
Harvey Scales - Confidential Affair
The Temptations - I Can't Get Next to You
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - Push Comes to Shove
Central Line - That's No Way to Treat My Love

Monday, January 12, 2009

Detroit Makes Emusic Top 25

#2: Deastro - Keepers - Ghostly International

Listen & Buy

#3: Rodriguez - Cold Fact - Light in the Attic

Listen & Buy

#21: Carl Craig - Sessions - K7

Listen & Buy

The editors of Emusic recently released their top 100 albums of 2008. As exultant fans, we've noted the ranking garnered by a few of our favorite locals. Detroit Techno luminary, Carl Craig releases a collection of remixes and classic cuts, making Sessions an essential electronic album. Next, Folk-guistarist master Rodriguez, emerges from the shadows with a reissue of the 1970's classic, Cold Fact on the Light In The Attic imprint. This album features guitarist and once member of Motown's iconic Funk Brothers, Dennis Coffey. And finally, the young and talented Deastro, makes a remarkable finish at #2 with Keepers, his debut album on Ghostly International. Check out the entire list.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dark Party

Dark Party met in San Francisco a few years back but didn't start the project until recently. Consisting of Elliot Lipp and Leo123, this duo's music is inspired by their favorite classic electro, techno, & hip hop producers. Dark Party has endured recent success with their "Active" song, released on Ann-Arbor based Ghostly International and also have a new album due out on the Mush Records imprint.

Catch Dark Party live, this evening in downtown Detroit at Park Bar. The event is brought to you by Randomreason

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

4-Year Anniversary Celebration

The night will be filled with special performances by members of the camp including:

Jared Wilson - Live - Feed The Machine, Blank Artists

E. Spleece - Live - Exchange Bureau Music, Blank Artists

Drew Pompa - Blank Artists

* Stay tuned for more information

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Releases

Josh Dahlberg - Night Fire - Blank Artists

Dahlberg brings it full effect with this single. Deep bass, filtered percussion elements, and relentless synth lines make this one of the most memorable cuts from Josh to date. Reporting for remix detail this time around is Kris Wadsworth - a familiar name in techno thorugh his Morris Audio EP released earlier in the year. Kris brings his flare for dub techno to this one, making use of the space while keeping it interesting and soulful.

Codine - Background Music - Blank Artists

Blue Room is the sophomore release from Codine on Blank Artists. This release offers perfectly placed percussion, sensual synth subsets, and energy that uniquely make the sound of Erik Cronin’s Codine moniker. Also included are two equally talented but very different remixers to offer their interpretations of the songs. Cue now Brian Kage and Jared Wilson. Brian’s remix of Blue Room is a heightened version of the original, serving up a huge bass line and rich textures certain to send you into a groove that’ll be making you beg for a rewind. Jared’s mix of Background Music is an “analog-centric” endeavor that chugs on through systematically adding and subtracting synth patterns, making it heady and intoxicating.

Andy Toth - Linwood Remixes Volume 1 - People Mover

People Mover Productions is happy to present you with its first installment of the Lindwood series. Spurned out by Andy Toth, formerly of the Detroit Grand Pubahs, Linwood offers a haunting and deep perspective that features heavy rhythmic production accompanied by growing vocal samples. Sound effects in the higher frequencies create a dark atmospheric groove. Remixers include Colin Zyskowski and Josh Dahlberg, alternating between synth heavy and percussive aspects.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Drew Pompa Mix

Day after day of the same monotonous beats can lead to severe temporal and parietal lobe damage. However, not for one man. Friend and fellow Proper Modulation promoter, Chad Teuscher, has been moving and grooving to this mix of Drew's for approximately four months. With little or no rotation change,we deemed any mix honorable for that amount of playback worthy enough for a blog post. Thanks for the inspiration, Chad.

Download Mix
DJ Kent – In The Bush (Theo Parrish Remix)
Rondenion – Precious Time
Kalabrese – Make Love Disco
Baaz – Clouds 2
Los Updates – 4 Wheel Drive (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
Minilogue & KAB – It’s A Nice Way To Give Back (H & H Remix)
Methodical Funk – Absence of Essence
Pablo Bolivar – Across The City (Secret Mix)
A Guy Called Gerald – Moon Jelly
James Teej – I’m A Human Now (Cassy Remix)
Ramon Stange – Paratroupr (Elon Remix)
Pigon - Helios
Carsten Jost & Carsten Klerrman – CC01 Detroit
Moodyman – Me and My People’s Eyes
Classen Collective – New Born (King Kooba Remix)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Detroit Wildlife

Detroit Wildlife from florent tillon on Vimeo.

Detroit Wildlife is a taster film for french production companies. The movie was shot by student and filmmaker, Florent Tillon and offers a haunting yet nostalgic glimpse into the social and physical landscape of post-industrial Detroit. This taster is also somewhat of a prequel to a longer, more in-depth documentary about Detroit. We hope you enjoy the film and we wish Florent the best of luck in finding that production company. For more works by Florent Tillon, visit

Saturday, January 3, 2009

NYE 08-09

Here's a proclamation to the aftermath of NYE, and Blank Artists couldn't have asked for a better evening. A fun crowd, great music, and endless imbibing, endured on a night that everyone can agree is best suited for that care-free lack of inhibition. We are happy that people enjoyed themselves and are also grateful to have rang in the new year with so many of you. Best of luck to all in 2009. View pics on our Facebook Page