Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mystical Disco w/ Drew Pompa

This weekend, Drew makes his maiden voyage to Memphis via our Memphian friends, the Agents of Woe. Expect teshnos, booze, and a special guest appearance by Captain Murdock from the A-Team.... and none of this new school business either. We're talking the real deal, Dwight Schultz. There's even been internet rumors suggesting that Drew might don his very first pair of jorts. Yes.... this one will be adventurous, folks. the night will also be in celebration of Jackson Lee's birthday. He'll be turning 26 and his jorts will be turning 43. Check it!

Featuring Selections By:
Drew Pompa (Blank Artists / Detroit)
Jackson Lee (Blank Artists / Memphis)

Saturday August 21
Mollie Fontaine Lounge
679 Adams
Memphis TN
Map It

NO COVER! // 21+

Monday, August 16, 2010

BLNK-18 | Madis One - Transparent City

Madis One is the gently blowing candle smoke from a now unlit cabin aside a lake on a humid night with only a sliver of moon, dark, tranquil, yet menacing and exciting. Blank Artist’s newest release, BLNK-18 proves Madis One to be the tickle of anticipation and trepidation in the moments of taking the first step into something you know, with all of your heart and none of your mind, that you should not be doing. Nevertheless, the reward is worthy of the 19 minutes and 45 seconds of the psychically heavy rhythms and the breezily apparitional vocals, not including the Eliot Lipp remix.

Prepare yourself a drink, grab a pillow, find a soft place to lay your weary head, and gently begin a new exploration into what it feels like to be carried away.

CD Release - September 18th 2010
Digital Release - September 28th

01) We Won’t Find It
02) Oceans
03) The Driest Lakes
04) We Built It So Tall And Now We Can’t Come Down
05) The Driest Lakes (Eliot Lipp Remix)