Thursday, April 29, 2010

Duke Shin Mixes

Duke Shin.... what a handsome Asian, and I mean it. Ah, Duke, nobody ever remembers how they met Duke. Hell, I don't even remember how I met him, but I know him. Everybody seems to.

What is of the highest order of importance is that Duke doesn't support the arts, he is art. He writes, he d.j.s, he produces, he promotes, he endeavors to help those with similar passions, he exudes music as if it were radiant beams of compassion from the latest coming of his holiness, Chenrezig.

However, never forget, that at times, he can fall out of his God damned mind. If you even believe that you maybe about to bear witness to this, cover your eyes, turn away, and duck, as you would in the presence of the third Gorgon sister... if you've even the time.

While he is unlikely to burst into a fit of rage, his insanity must be diligently monitored for, as it is of the most nefarious variety, the quiet reserve. From the bunny ears and the white suit to hour long conversations ranging from Grace Jones to Karlheinz Stockhausen, there is never any certainty of what you are going to get. But that's what we all love about Dukey, he's the human version of the ever-famous arcade claw game, except with him, you always get the gold-gilded Panda. Rock on Duke, Rock on.

Meditate to the holy hymns of Duke Shin HERE.

Words By: Pipé Scuttleworth

The Body Electric

Forwarded By: Colin Zyskowski

This performance represents the culmination of my studies over the last two years, relying primarily on custom-built software and hardware interfaces. Titled "The Body Electric," this performance looks at interactions between humans and machines and what the arts predict for future human-machine interactions. Half performance and half sound/video installation, "The Body Electric" invites audience members to explore the human-machine connection by extending the capabilities of their own bodies by using machines. The first half of the performance will feature a live electronic set accompanied by site-specific live video projections and animations. The second half of the evening will feature homemade hardware that the audience is invited to interact with in order to control aspects of the audio and video.

Friday, April 30th 2010
The Keene Theater
701 E. University in Ann Arbor.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Record-Rama Archives

From: Music Journal

Record-Rama has been a record store in Pittsburg USA for a few decades. The proprietor Paul Mawhinney has collected the largest vinyl record archive in the world. Now the store is closed and he is trying to sell that archive.

He wants to sell it as a whole collection and wants it preserved that way. His minimum price is $3 million. I say it's worth it. 1.5 million 45s dating from 1948, and a million LPs. This is not store stock, but saved copies of every record he ever dealt with. His aim was to have every single by every artist, and he published his list in his MusicMaster catalog. It probably contains every release by any favorite artist you can think of.

I think the best use would be to make the records accessible to reissue companies and to broadcasters so that anything could be made available to listeners.
He is at the same time clearing out what remains of his store stock. That is arranged thru his website and is a big-time proposition involving a minimum $5,000 purchase.

His store was a mecca for collectors of obscure rare vinyl, and I hope this music will be preserved.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jared Wilson - Bonus!!! - 7777-003

Rugged acid growlers from Blank Artists' own Jared Wilson. These are two straight playing acid cuts, stripped to the bare essentials of 303 and 606 scrubbed with effects. "Paris Massacre" features some mean reverb on the biting hand claps while on the flip we get a grumbling bass driven "Scmocid" refix of Drug Related Stories from 7777-001. For fans of JTC, Legowelt or Tevo Howard. Preview and purchase the record HERE.

The Vantastic Teleportour

Door Open @ 9pm
Kero Visuals - live video projections on multiple walls all night

Madis One - 9:30pm
E.Spleece & Perilelle - 10pm
The Great Mundane - 11pm
Aligning Minds - 12am
Kilowatts - 1am

Emily Copeland interviewed The Great Mundane, Mike from Aligning Minds and Kilowatts on Minced Meat and played a bunch of their music. You can download the 2-hour mp3 of the show by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Detroit's Musical Stimulus


In Detroit, tax breaks and government programs are not only aimed at economic recovery but have also been helping the arts and music. Today, Soundcheck examines these efforts to bring back Detroit's faded Motown glory and the effects the arts can have in revitalizing a city. Also, jazz musician Christian Scott joins us live to perform songs from his new album. Listen to the entire show HERE.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Night Main Event

Prince Language(DFA-NYC)
Secrets(Secret Mixes Fixes/GSHC)
Rev. Robert David Jones(Tour Detroit/GSHC)

229 Gratiot 5th floor
Detroit, MI America

Prince Language - The No Comprendo No.'s 3 & 4
Prince Language - No Comprendo - no1
Prince Language - No Comprendo - no2
Prince Language - No Comprendo - no3
Prince Language - No Comprendo - no4

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Techno Rebels Revised

From: Ghostly International

The original 1999 edition of Dan Sicko’s Techno Rebels is one of techno’s defining documents, a social and critical history of an oft-misunderstood genre with worldwide relevance. This 2010 edition of Sicko’s techno tell-all — signed copies of which are now available in The Ghostly Store — focuses more deeply on Detroit as an incubator for the music’s creative heroes and biggest proponents (including, full disclosure, a nice spotlight on Ghostly International) and fills in the history up to the present day’s kaleidoscope of styles. Check it!