Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drew Pompa featured in Newcity Music

From: Newcity Music
By: Duke Shin

Chicago’s hustling Migrashun crew haven’t been afraid to spread their techno and deep-house sounds to this city’s clubs and lounges, having previously held events at the Victor Hotel, Smart Bar, Rednofive and Debonair—the current home for their Prism nights. Tonight, the Detroit-leaning crew welcomes another Motor City favorite to town in Drew Pompa, co-director of the Blank Artists collective, who have been balancing adventurous releases with impeccable bookings and great parties for the last five years. Much like his crew’s propensity for collaboration with other top Detroit crews, Pompa’s tastes are also wide open, as reflected by his wildly ranging sets. And sure, Pompa might streamline his selections for certain parties, for being eclectic is an admirable trait lacking from many other DJs’ recorded mixes, but when charged with the responsibility of a dance floor, he knows when best to keep things moving. But what’s never lacking from the sound is that hint of other influences; Afro-beat, trippy psyche-outs, dubby bottom noise, form emerging from sonic cacophonies…all weaved into the fabric of his take on house and techno. Joining Pompa tonight is a rare live performance from Galuszka, who over the last few years has quietly produced some of Chicago’s best techno—deep cuts that charm the listener with a clean, jackin’ sound and nineties-hearkening warmth, as evidenced on tracks like “Fox Hunt” and “Jets.” Perhaps tonight will provide a glimpse of what this up-and-coming producer has up his sleeve for 2010. (Duke Shin)

February 25 at Debonair Social Club, 1575 N. Milwaukee, (773)227-7990, 10pm.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BLNK-17 | Agents of Woe - R U Ready For Love?

01 R U Ready For Love?
02 R U Ready For Love? (Scott Ferguson Remix)

Agents of Woe first caught our attention when label co-chair Josh Dahlberg was invited to a gig in Memphis, the home to legendary soul and blues label, Stax Records. Upon hearing a single rough recording from AOW after the gig, he petitioned them for more songs, which ultimately led to the studio sessions with Detroit’s best kept audio engineering secret, Andy Toth. R U Ready For Love? is the first single from those infamous recording sessions to see its formal release.

The original mix of R U Ready… resembles many genres but cannot simply be described by one. At the core it’s electronic pop, but it’s also as much house as it is funk and as much techno as it is soul. Agents of Woe are a great example of what happens when a band executes dance music well. Just in time for that corporate bloodsucker of a holiday Valentine’s Day, Agents of Woe deliver to make you get up before you get down.

A critic’s choice and Ferrispark head of state, Scott Ferguson makes use of the band’s guitar tracks, splicing them to create a different energy altogether from that of the original. By adding his own technique toward music production, Ferguson creates a new high-speed link between the terminals of Detroit House and New York Disco.

Now Available at Most Retailers!

Migrashun & Turbulent Calm Present Prism w/ Drew Pompa

Migrashun and Turbulent Calm Records present the fourth edition of Prism at the one and only Debonair Social Club. With this unexpected merge of production and performance we can only expect a great night. This week’s special guest is Co-Director of Blank Artists from Detroit, Drew Pompa! Blank Artists just finished celebrating their 5-year anniversary and we are keeping the celebration going with this special night. The event is free all night and we are even offering a complementary cocktail reception if you RSVP!

Migrashun & Turbulent Calm Records Present:

|| PRISM ||

Drew Pompa [Detroit]
|Blank Artists|

Galuszka [Chicago]
|Siteholder, Turbulent Calm Records, BMM|

Rob German [Chicago]

9-10 PM – A One Hour “Complimentary Cocktail Reception” by RSVP only. Event open to the public at 10:00. You must RSVP to: Facebook or to gain entry at 9:00.

Thursday, February 25th 2010
10PM – 2AM
Debonair Social Club
1575 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Monday, February 22, 2010

135 Grand Street New York 1979

From: Soul Jazz Records

135 Grand Street, New York, 1979 is a unique film capturing both the aural and visual aesthetics of New York’s No Wave scene in its ascendant. Punk rock and non-musicianship fight it out with art world attitude. Garage band line-ups in varying degrees of musical destruction sit alongside post-everything poetry and experimental noise terrorists. Ericka Beckman’s film matches the rawness, minimalism and radicalism of the music - a fitting document and visual statement of new forms created out of New York’s anti-everything musical nihilism, circa 1979.

Filmed on super-8mm, the documentary captures the driving energy and posturing of early No Wave bands performing live in a sparse downtown loft. It includes the only known footage of the Theoretical Girls, The Static and a number of other No Wave bands of the period. This is a film about bands filled with painters, filmmakers, actors - and occasionally musicians - thriving and thrashing in the pulsating, vibrant post-punk world of New York where high art met low culture, where Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, Wharton Tiers, Taro Suzuki and the others featured here made the connections between John Cage and Joey Ramone, between the questioning of art and the Mysterians.

The film is currently showing as part of Sonic Youth’s Sensational Fix touring art exhibition as well as being screened before Glenn Branca’s most recent shows in New York City (Sep 2009). the dvd is also available as a pre-order through the Soul Jazz website. Pre-order your copy HERE.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shadow Dancer Charts BFSH

Shadow Dancer is comprised of Manchester,UK electronic producer, Paul Farrier. His influences are reminiscent of Manchester's fledgling underground scene in the 80's, yet he encompasses both a techno and electro aesthetic. Paul has released number of tracks on one of the biggest electro-house labels, Boys Noize Records and has received support by the likes of Mr. Oizo, Erol Alkan, and Feadz. Nonetheless, we excited to find BLNK-15 make it into his top 25 of 2009. View Shadow Dancer's "Best of 2009" list HERE.

Monday, February 15, 2010

RA Podcast 194 w/ Patrick Russell

Resident Advisor features local dj/producer Patrick Russell for this week's RA podcast. For the podcast introduction, Russell touches base on recent events and production work, in addition to his re-edit projects. This podcast definitely leans towards the listener's perspective and is packed full of older house and rhythmic techno, inspired from the days of the Music Institute and mid 90's rave scene in Detroit.

Read the interview and download the podcast HERE.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Blank Artists 5-Year Review

This past weekend, we were privileged to celebrate, yet another anniversary with family, friends, and fans. We would like to thank all of you participating in our 5-year event and without your presence, we would have never imagined such a memorable night of good vibes and good music.

This year's anniversary reached a level of production that far exceeded any event that we have thrown in the past and our friends not only recognized this, but also openly and expediently offered their help in anyway, from decorating to running the many facets that culminate into a functioning event. We are forever indebted to your goodwill and you serve as a catalyst to our overall production. Thank you! Additionally, we would like to thank all our our performers - Matt Abbott, Madis One, Agents of Woe, and Innerphonic. You are all class acts and provided great performances across the board. Together, you represented the evolution of the Blank Artists label. We would also like to thank Tony from Bully Audio for dedicating an entire day to our audio needs. You aren't just a sound guy, but rather a great friend who just happens to have a really nice sound system. Thanks! Lastly, we would like to extend a huge thanks to Jerry and the entire staff at Park Bar. Your visionary approach towards the space and your helping hand makes us feel like part of the family. We always feel at home whenever we're at Park Bar and that is truly appreciated! Til next time.

*Photo Credit: Christine Abuel Pompa

Electronique.It Podcast 061 w/ Jared Wilson

This week, Italian online music magazine, Electronique.It, features a podcast mix from Detroit acid-house stalwart and Blank Artists beard, Jared Wilson. The nearly hour long mix features a top notch blend of classic disco and electro-funk, and also displays the insane knowledge of dance music that Jared has acquired over the years. This mix would even make Todd Osborn drool a bit. Highly recommended!

Mixed By: Jared Wilson
Length: 56:54
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320 KBPS
Link: Download

01. Mirage - Mirage In The Space ( Mauro D.J.)
02. B. Lamastre - The Best Disco Music (Alien Delon Extended Edit)
03. Test-One - Dreamer
04. Ruins - Crime
05. Yello - No More Words (Extended)
06. Matt Warren - Way To My Heart (5:30 A.M. Mix)
07. Ruins - Fire
08. Zwischenfall - Flucht (Special Fuzz Version)
09. Wizardz - Boogie Slyde
10. Prestige - Cheating
11. Pyramid Plus - Comin' At Ya
12. Maurice Mc Gee - Do I Do (Dub Instrumental)
13. Gift of Dreams - Funkincise
14. Vin Zee - Funky Be Bop (Instrumental)
15. The Gunchback Boogie Band - Funn
16. Suzy Q - Get On Up Do It Again
17. J.R. Funk and the Love Machine - Feel Good Party Time (Original)
18. Southroad Connection - Just Layin It Down

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Agents of Woe

Agents of Woe are a band of three, rooted in New York City and Memphis, Tennessee. They are serious about the following things: short shorts, Cadillac sedans older than they, vintage science fiction, and rocking a dance music outfit that create a sui generis of futuristic soul, techno, pop and electro. The latter is what we at Blank are most excited about (although we do appreciate short shorts, luxury sedans, and old school sci-fi).

The dapper men of whom we speak are from unique musical upbringings; all in the shadows of legendary soul music label Stax Records in their native Memphis. The simile can be made that Stax is to Memphis as Motown is to Detroit, and in many ways AOW show pride in their local history as it plays out in their music.

Fronted by Richard Gamble who provides lead vocals, guitar, and synthesizers, Jon Hart adds bass and backing vocals, and Jackson Lee provides the rhythm section and additional sequencing thus completing the trifecta. The three friends together make a distinguishable brand of future soul, electro-funk where humans blow a much-needed breath of life back into dance music’s cooling core.

Hear them perform live tomorrow night, as they make a very exciting Detroit debut at the Blank Artists 5-Year Anniversary. In addition, the event will coincide with their debut release on Blank Artists entitled, "R U Ready For Love", which also features a remix from Ferrispark label head, Scott Ferguson. Listen to the original version HERE.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Five Year Hookup

The Blank Artists 5-Year Anniversary is fast approaching and every year, we aspire to reach a level of production and branding that exceeds the anniversary events of year's past. In an attempt to follow in this tradition, Blank Artists is offering a very special limited edition download card entitled "The Five Year Hookup". The hookup will include 10 songs from the Blank Artists catalog and is included, free of charge, to all individuals attending the Blank Artist 5-year event. Five years can feel like an eternity, and this kind of longevity would have never been imagined if it weren't for the support of our fans and listeners. Therefore, we wish to return the favor in the spirit of friendship.... just a little way of saying "we love you too".

All download cards include a web address and unique password. Visit for more information on how to redeem your music.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scrummage Moving Pictures

This Thursday, Burton Theatre features moving pictures by the local art collective and psychedelic mad men from Scrummage University. Gaining notoriety from their previously famed Eastern Market bunker, Scrummage has sealed a reputation as one of the city's premiere artist collectives and experimental noise provocateurs. Think of a flesh-eating Mayan Barbary sheep tripping on acid while trapped in a sensory desperation tank. Yeah.... they like to fuck shit way up, so I suggest checking out their premiere if you have a knack for the weird. The movies start at 9pm. Check it!

Oh yeah, and the Metro Times wrote a fancy article about the Scrummage dudes last week. Read the article HERE.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blank Artists February 2010 Podcast w/ Pipé Scuttleworth

Pipé Scuttleworth is a clock watching dreamer, a fighter, and a thief. He dabbles in amateur carpentry and unearths and fashions sounds with a madman’s fervor in the final throws of a violent, delusional death. Pipé is a lover of horses and fixer of machines, a chef, a writer, a cyclist and re-cyclist, a former practitioner of things legal. A jack of all trades and a master of few, he is currently in search of a metallurgist to mold him into an ‘animalier,’ in hopes of translating some of his talents to the creation of metallic beasts.

The wicked aspersions mumbled here and yon about his deeds fall not upon dead ears. Oh to the contrary, the man consumes them, preternaturally twists them, adds a dash of outlandishness, and regurgitates the amplified rubbish to anyone within ear shot.

He may be a filthy son of a gun but his unique talents and temperament subconsciously and subtly ingratiate himself with others. Then, before long, your heretofore proper dandy of a little sister is cursing like a longshoreman and placing friendly bets that she can spit farther than Pipé…lovely!

Oh, yet it continues from this discomfiting level. To the hilt we must go, if you value Universal equilibrium. Perhaps it’s the Gypsy pedigree, maybe his karmic credit, or just plain dumb luck, but Pipé makes things happen, or as is often the case, suffers injury while trying. Though his tirades are sufficient to make abusive, philanderers flush pink with embarrassment, he would not deny you your bit of bread on the eve of the apocalypse, such the sweet man that he is.

Pipé does not concern himself with things shiny and freshly minted when a worn antique will do. Yet new things are warranted, and even appreciated on occasion. However, for the most part, things were made better in the old days anyhow. Things like vinyl records and analog machines and good sturdy babies. Tangible things, with stories, and lives of their own are what Pipé seeks, and god dammed if he won’t scour the good earth for those things. So check him out. He might actually make it worth your while. But never, ever forget, lest you get lambasted, he is playing for his enjoyment, you’re just there for the ride.

Mixed By: Pipe Scuttleworth
Length: 1:13:08
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320 KBPS
Link: Download

01. Vangelis - Reve
02. Stars of the Lid - Requiem For Dying Mothers II
03. David Bowie - Subterraneans
04. Lucky Dragons - Open Melody
05. Destroyer - Bay of Pigs
06. Boards of Canada - AMD Bishop Roden +
07. Meta 83 - End Titles
08. Four Tet - Love Cry
09. ?
10. Mathew Jonson - Marionette
11. Fernando - Scarecrow
12. Gucci Soundsystem - Lord of Mercy
13. Model 500 - Orbit
14. Four Tet - No More Mosquito
15. The Flaming Lips - See the Leaves
16. Robert Anton Wilson - ?
17. Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio
18. Flux of Pink Indians - Tube Disaster (J.D. Twitch Edit)
19. Ikara Colt - At the Lodge

*Photo Credit: Christine Abuel Pompa